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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are a few more details you might be curious about.

My rates are $1,500 for a full day or $250 an hour. For a half day (four hours) the cost is $1,000. If you’re looking for something that will take more or less than the standard full or half day, the cost of your tattoo will be unique to your needs. For instance, if it’s just an hour or three, I charge by the hour to ensure fairness. This approach is based on what’s best for the client and helps build trust. 

I offer By-Now-Pay-Later via Klarna. Options include paying in 4 equal payments every other week, interest-free, or in monthly payment plans ranging from 6 to 24 months. I also take cash, Venmo, Cash App, and Apple Pay.

Please also keep in mind that I prefer to do larger scale work these days. You can get an idea of what I most like to do on my Instagram page (you can see my latest posts above). My rates reflect my experience, dedication, and the personalized attention I give to each client. I’m happy to provide you a rough estimate for the final cost of your new tattoo after you share your idea with me here.

I tattoo on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11 am to 7 pm Pacific Time, though sessions can sometimes extend depending on various factors including how you are feeling. I also conduct consultation calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 9 pm. 

While I have a busy schedule, there are often openings due to rescheduling. If you’re flexible with your dates, there’s a possibility you could get an appointment sooner. My aim is to accommodate clients while ensuring they receive my full attention and creative energy. Once you submit a new tattoo inquiry, you’ll be able to view my availability.

Absolutely, I recently received a health board certification for my studio, a distinction few studios in Portland have. This certification means the health department has thoroughly inspected my shop and found it meets all their stringent requirements. I ensure everything is meticulously clean, using sprays that eliminate all potential contaminants. My studio is not only clean but also comfortable and inviting, ensuring clients have a pleasant experience throughout.

For aftercare, I usually use a medical-grade bandage like Second Skin. My recommendation is to either use this or a similar product for a few weeks, re-applying weekly (I’m happy to help re-apply if you stop in) or simply let it heal naturally without applying any products. The key is to let the tattoo dry without excessive moisture, as this can lead to scabbing. Once the tattoo starts cracking and peeling, you can apply a moisturizer for comfort. The main goal is to avoid unnecessary products and touching of the tattoo during the initial healing phase.

I respect the originality of other artists and won’t copy someone else’s tattoo. However, I can use the image you provide as inspiration to understand your preferences and create a unique design tailored to you. When you come to an artist, the true value lies in receiving a piece that reflects that artist’s unique style and interpretation. To ensure you get a piece that you love, check out the artist’s portfolio of work and see if their style(s) or any specific tattoos align with your vision. 

Absolutely. My commitment is to be open, honest, respectful, and professional at all times. I prioritize your comfort and treat every client with the utmost care. My goal is to ensure you have a positive experience, feeling valued and respected throughout the process, and ultimately leave with an incredible tattoo that’s associated with a positive memory of the process.

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